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Complaints Procedure

Farrington Group aims to provide the highest level of service to all tenants, but to ensure that your interests are safeguarded, we offer the following complaints procedure: –

  1. If you believe that you have a grievance, please write in the first instance to the Manager at the office.
  2. The grievance will be acknowledged within 5 working days of receiving the letter.
  3. The grievance will then be investigated thoroughly in accordance with established “in-house” procedures and a reply sent to the complainant within a further 14 working days
  4. If the complainant is dissatisfied with the result of the above investigation, please send your complaint in writing, along with written evidence of step 1 above to the owner/s who will investigate further and respond within 14 working days
  5. Hopefully your complaint will be resolved, however if the complainant is still not satisfied, Farrington Group are members of the PRS scheme so you can visit their website to lodge a complaint:



Please note that The PRS cannot deal with issues until you have:

  • Followed the above process.
  • Allowed at least 8 weeks for a resolution
  • You have received no response or no satisfactory resolution